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IMB Printed Circuit Board Single and Multilayer

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Serigroup is proud to be a leading partner in the field of printed circuit board manufacturing.

Professional PCB manufacture according to individual specifications.
We combine technology and experience for customized solutions.

Each single printed circuit is produced inside the factory and is tested both electrically and visually to ensure perfect functionality and relevance to the highest quality standards.

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Serigroup certifications confirm the compliance of its products to high standards of quality, reliability and service.

  • IMB Printed Circuit Boards
  • IMB Printed Circuit Boards Multilayer
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IMB Printed Circuit Boards

Use of IMB in Power Semiconductors Electronics as Aluminium oxide DBC replacement:
• Equal or even lower Thermal Resistance than Aluminium oxide DBC
• Baseplate already integrated (no solder joint between circuit and baseplate)
• Wide copper thickness range availability
• Higher Mechanical strength than Aluminium oxide DBC

IMB Printed Circuit Boards Multilayer

IMB Printed Circuit Boards Multilayer

IMB (Insulated Metal Baseplate) PCBs can be manufactured with more than one layer.

Typical Multilayer IMB stack-up:
• Multilayer section - Electrical connections by means of blind vias
• Insulation layer - Thermal Conductivity up to 10 W/mK, Breakdown Voltage up to 11 kVAC
• Baseplate - aluminum or copper, thickness from 0.5 to 3.0 mm

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